Motivating Rituals for Daily Writing Inspiration

Writing for a living can be stressful and insecure. You are only as good as your last piece of writing, whether that is a novel or an online article. Writers, content creators and bloggers have similar problems that require attention when it comes to personal motivation and productivity. What are some of the most useful and effective daily rituals that you can partake in in order to be inspired to write more? Mind mapping Creativity is the deciding factor in whether or not you will be an effective writer. Mind mapping is a useful exercise for people with low self-esteem READ MORE

College As An Investment, And Average Lifetime Earnings

The choice of what to invest in is prudently influenced by the rational choice theory in economic which assists an investor in settling for the best available option with the greatest benefit. College can be perceived in different ways regarding investment aspect when looking at the benefits and satisfaction derived as well as its shortcomings and limitations. Recently there have been great discussions on the importance of attending college.  However, most reports exhibit that attaining a college degree is still an important investment to make in the present time. With respect to a report on Forbes by Troy Onink, despite the READ MORE

Mexico: Social environment

Human development index Mexico is characteristically divided into the north and south in terms of the human development index.  Usually, the northern and Yucatan peninsula states often reveals HDI values that are rated as medium or higher in comparison to southern states. This is relatively due to the huge disparities in the levels of education (Economic freedom). Chile has risen to number 40 on the human development index according to the UN. According to this index, Chile is the highest ranking nation in Latin America followed by Argentina. This index normal incorporates data from factors such as education, health, as READ MORE

The Problem of Inability to access Health Care by the Vulnerable Population in the United States Part II

The state with the guidance of the PPACA puts effort to offer affordable health care to vulnerable populations. The issuance of affordable healthcare entails offering discounts on some form of medication and to some groups of people who are not in a position to raise the right amount. Apart from offering health services at relatively affordable fees, the bodies and individuals in charge of offering services to these groups work towards offering quality health services that may have positive effects on patients’ health and general well-being (Boothe, 2014). An example of a program that seeks to improve the health of READ MORE

The Problem of Inability to access Health Care by the Vulnerable Population in the United States Part I

Human health plays a significant part of life, and it is paramount to take measures that would guarantee every individual a good health. The United States federal government puts effort to provide equal healthcare to every individual, though it is acceptable that some American communities still lack proper health care. The government in its response to the poor health services has initiated a series of actions and programs that pursue to expand the delivery of health care services in vulnerable populations. The government has put in place effective health policies to advance health services to vulnerable populations and has also READ MORE

The US Constitution

The United Sates Constitution Day is also known as Citizenship Day. The American citizens usually celebrate the day on 17th September. The day is important as it reminds the American Federals to observe and recognize the adoption of the Constitution as well as those who have acquired the American citizenship. The Constitutional Convention delegates signed the document on 17th September in Philadelphia. The Constitution is the heart of all laws, providing powers to all legislation that governs the Americans. All American laws are implemented and enforced in line with the guidelines of the constitution. The Bill of Rights, for instance, READ MORE


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