Mexico: Social environment

Human development index

Mexico is characteristically divided into the north and south in terms of the human development index.  Usually, the northern and Yucatan peninsula states often reveals HDI values that are rated as medium or higher in comparison to southern states. This is relatively due to the huge disparities in the levels of education (Economic freedom). Chile has risen to number 40 on the human development index according to the UN. According to this index, Chile is the highest ranking nation in Latin America followed by Argentina. This index normal incorporates data from factors such as education, health, as well as the general standards of living. Chile has been gradually rising since 1980 (Economic freedom). The rapid improvement in Chile’s HDI is due to its emphasis on encouraging foreign direct invest and use of modern technology in most of its economic sectors. Chile has illustrated how a strong emphasis on human development and pragmatic policies from government can create opportunities in the economic environment facilitated by globalization.

Population and growth

As at July 2014, Mexico was estimated to have a total population of about 123,799,215 people. The total population of the country is estimated to account for about 1.7% of the entire global population. Moreover, Mexico is ranked at number 11 in terms of its population density in the world. Over the years the population has been growing at an alarming rate, which is estimated to be 1.2% annually (Vargas-Hernàndez, & Noruzi). As at January 2016, the total population of Chile was estimated at 18.05 million people. This represented an increase of about 1.07% in comparison to the population the previous year. The average annual increase in population is estimated at 0.9%. The population density in the country is estimated at 23.9 persons per every square kilometer, which is significantly lower than that of Mexico (IndexMundi).

The US Constitution

The United Sates Constitution Day is also known as Citizenship Day. The American citizens usually celebrate the day on 17th September. The day is important as it reminds the American Federals to observe and recognize the adoption of the Constitution as well as those who have acquired the American citizenship. The Constitutional Convention delegates signed the document on 17th September in Philadelphia.

The Constitution is the heart of all laws, providing powers to all legislation that governs the Americans. All American laws are implemented and enforced in line with the guidelines of the constitution. The Bill of Rights, for instance, makes references to the people since the constitution is for the people, by the people, and from people. The Bill of Rights provides lots of freedom to the people. The First Amendment to the Bill of Rights Prohibits the Congress from making any law that prohibits the free expression or abridging the freedom of speech or freedom of the press (Eastman).

The Constitution prohibits the national government from exercising powers and authorities delegated to the states and the people. The Constitution, therefore, is the supreme law, having the powers that govern the national and state governments as well as the citizens of the United States.

A constitutional amendment is a revision or correction meant to improve the constitution. Currently, the Constitution has over 27 changes approved and six disapproved (Halmai). Article V of the Constitution provides two ways for amending the Constitution.  Firstly, Congress, whenever both the House of Representatives and the Senate shall deem necessary, shall propose amendments to the Constitution. Alternatively, the legislatures of two-thirds of several Sates shall call a Convention to propose amendments valid to intents and purposes (Walker).

The amendment shall only be part of the constitution when the legislature or the state convention ratifies the amendment within the stated period, after which the change becomes and functional part of the law (Walker). Some of the amendments include the first ten amendments to the Bill of Rights, the Thirteenth Amendment prohibiting slavery, the seventieth amendment on the election of Senators and the nineteenth amendment that grants women the right to vote.

The system of the United States has some weaknesses not adequately addressed within the constitution. Some of the problems include bad foreign policies, unclear distinction between individual rights such as freedom of privacy and free speech against the rights of a citizen such as the right to vote.

In conclusion, the Constitution Day is an important day for American citizens. The day provides an opportunity for residents and students to learn and increase their knowledge of the Constitution, their rights, freedoms and obligations of citizens as well as the amendments that have molded the history and lives of all Americans.