Motivating Rituals for Daily Writing Inspiration

Writing for a living can be stressful and insecure. You are only as good as your last piece of writing, whether that is a novel or an online article.

Writers, content creators and bloggers have similar problems that require attention when it comes to personal motivation and productivity. What are some of the most useful and effective daily rituals that you can partake in in order to be inspired to write more?

  • Mind mapping

Creativity is the deciding factor in whether or not you will be an effective writer. Mind mapping is a useful exercise for people with low self-esteem and creativity blocks. Take a random household item and write it down on a piece of paper. Start mapping out branches away from that word using similar terms that remind you of it.

For example, a chair can branch out into wood, furniture, sitting, brown, etc. These words can be further branched out until you run out of ideas for further mapping. Repeat this exercise every day while drinking your morning coffee for best effect in your daily writing routine.

  • Read your favorite books

We often read books to escape reality. Both fiction and non-fiction books have a charm to them that allows us to be transported to a different world for hours on end. However, if you want to learn how to write more effectively, read books that you have already read before.

This will allow you to focus on formatting, vocabulary, grammar, phrases as well as the narrative structure. By reading your favorite books over and over again, you will start to understand how that particular writer overcame their own problems in writing. Applying those lessons in your own work is only a matter of shifting perspectives.

  • Freewrite

Freewriting is a technique similar to what is commonly known as “brain dump”. By writing down random thoughts, sentences and ideas without thinking about the bigger picture, you will have a lot more freedom and creativity. Taking that material and shaping into new topics, thoughts and opinions in proper writing is only a matter of paraphrasing and formatting your new content.

You can also find a professional writer online and pay to write paper outlines based on your notes. Freewriting is one of the easiest ways to express in writing without thinking about technical details such as grammar or spelling. Let your mind and hand wander until you are satisfied with the outcome.

  • Physical activity

Sometimes all you need to do is stretch your legs and breathe in some fresh air. Writers that are constantly engaged in their work have a tendency to gain weight and feel pain in their backs. Walking outside your house, jogging through the park or doing simple exercises can be very beneficial.

If you feel comfortable in your own body, your work will feel much more inviting and fun as a result. Take a break every hour or so and walk around the house in order to stretch your legs and flex your muscles. You will quickly notice a difference in your writing quality and your body will thank you for it.

  • Change your environment

Writers are introverts and household animals by nature. Leaving the house in order to work somewhere else seems like an impossible mission for many writers. However, changing the scenery and working in a different environment rather than in your living room or bed room can have a profound effect on your writing.

There is a good reason as to why so many people spend their time in Starbucks and similar establishments when they could be working somewhere else. These places offer good conditions for extended working hours and have food and drinks available to you at an arm’s reach. Go to your favorite coffee place, connect to wireless internet and start working like it’s no one’s business.

  • Sleep properly

Exhaustion can lead to adverse effects not only on your writing but on your body overall. Your metabolism, physiological needs and restfulness all rest on the shoulders of proper sleep. You should make it a habit to sleep for at least seven to eight hours each night, especially if you write for long hours each day.

Taking naps and snoozing is also a good idea if you need to take a break while working, since you are free to make up your own work schedule as a writer. This way, you will feel fresh and energetic for work as soon as you wake up. Failing to do so will result in writer’s blocks, creativity issues and poor overall quality of your work.

In conclusion

Finding daily inspiration as a writer or a content creator can often come down to pure luck. However, by implementing a routine of rituals that you follow each day you can luck a part of your writing. Don’t wait for inspiration to strike and make a change to your daily routine today.

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